The Compact Executive Best-Seller – 330i

BMW 330i is one of the best compact executive models offered by the German Auto maker – Bimmer Motor Works.

Marketed in 5 different body styles, it has offered high performance, roomy interiors, and luxurious feel to business class customers, thanks to latest technologies like Valvetronic technology that improve the gas economy along with the engine performance.

Now, let’s delve into its specifications, and see why it had been a terrific success during its era, and how successful has the company been, in replacing it!
bmw 330i

How Good is it Under the Hood?

bmw 330i

330i comes powered by a 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinder engine with 24 variable valves. The engine is good enough to generate 255 hp @ 6600 rpm of horsepower and 300 Nm @ 2500 rpm of torque.

2013 bmw 335i

The Valvetronic technology and the electronically controlled water pump utilizes less power than before, and thus helps in boosting both the gas economy and engine performance.
the compact executive model 330i
It can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 6.7 seconds.

The Steptronic Transmission

The engine comes mated to Steptronic transmission, which offers three different modes; the Drive mode is used for incorporating BMW’s Adaptive Transmission Control, the Steptronic automatic mode is used for hand-on control, and the driver can switch to Sport automatic mode for dynamic shift pattern.

Lavish Interiors

the compact executive model 330i

The first thing you’d notice about its interior is the superb passenger room that it offers, with a seating capacity of 5 passengers.

The interiors loaded with leather, and made up of brushed aluminum, create an alluring environment; even the popular natural wood is used in its cabin.

The center console is well placed with user-friendly options.

Noteworthy Features

Some of the other special features on 330i sedan are GPS navigation system loaded with voice recognition, and digital maps, keyless ignition, adaptive xenon headlights and active cruise control; all these make highway driving all the more comfortable and relaxing.

the compact executive model 330i

Safety Amenities

The safety features included in BMW 330i are the best ones available in the segment, and together they make sure you have one of the safest drive every time you take it out from the garage.

Some of the noticeable safety features are –

  • Enhanced brake control functions,
  • Anti-lock brakes,
  • Dynamic Stability Control System, and
  • Traction control
  • .

We also see 6 safety airbags, parking sensors, fog lamp and 3 rear seat belts.

bmw 3 series

BMW 3 series line-up continues to be one of the best executive compact sedans ever built, and now the new 330d is the latest sensation in automotive markets, accompanied by 320d highline sedan, and the 335i, replacing the good old 330i.

BMW 330i Photo Gallery

bmw 3 series 330i

3 Series 330i Sedan

bmw 3 Series 330i

Orange 3 Series 330i

bmw 3 Series 330i

White 3 Series 330i

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bmw 330i bmw 330i bmw 330i
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bmw 330i

bmw 330i bmw 330i
2013 bmw 330i

2013 bmw 330i 2013 bmw 330i
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